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WikiStage HEC SEED International Entrepreneurship Forum

Wed,Jul 26,2017 by Virginie Chouzenoux

In this day and age, it seems the words "entrepreneur" and "entrepreneurship" are frequently thrown around. But what does it mean to be an entrepreneur? With the help of WikiStage, HEC SEED held an international entrepreneurship forum on April 18 with this question in mind.

The event provided eager students the chance to meet, network and find ways to collaborate with startups. WikiStage was one of the participants that wanted to help students find job opportunities with incredible start ups.

To kick off the forum, Johannes presented the question, "How to find your startup idea"? Immediately following was an interactive discussion encouraging participants to launch their own startup.

There were also several WikiTalks centered around the topic entrepreneurship asking and answering questions from "Why one should become an entrepreneur"? to "How to negotiate a collaboration with your competitors"? to "What is the future of fintech (financial technology)"?

Christian Vanizette from MakeSense discussed how to incorporate sustainability into your business model, and WHub explained how to dive into Hong-Kong's startup scene.

By providing a unique opportunity to exchange ideas between start-ups and passionate students, this was a fantastic success for HEC SEED's and WikiStage's first entrepreneurship forum!