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Service Experience Camp. Berlin, Germany, 2015

Africa has seen a technological development from zero to mobile and is therefore a place of disruptive change. The Berlin-based start-up Mobisol is part of this ‘revolution’ bringing the internet of things to Tanzania and Rwanda. With the help of service design, the company has created a service ecosystem to bring electricity to thousands of people who have less than a dollar to spend per day. Klara will share insights in how they used service design to shape their business and how she trained a tech team in becoming more customer-centric. Filmed at the Service Experience Camp 15 Berlin - 14.11.2015 Speaker: Klara Lindner Service Design Lead, Mobisol Filmed and Edited by: Vladimir Georgiev Merja Hannikainen Joseph Murphy
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WikiStage ESCP Europe - London. London, United Kingdom, 2015

How do Investors look at Start Ups and invest their money - explained by the CEO of a 60m € family office, Simone Cimminelli

WikiStage ESCP Europe 8 - London. London, United Kingdom, 2016

www.wikistage.org Devie MOHAN speaks for the good side of the debate. She works at Thomson Reuters and is a FinTech Market Strategist. She is ranked #12 on the FinTech100 global list. "FinTech by definition came about as an industry forced by the economic crisis as a way of bridging the gap between banks and consumers. Consumers want one thing: they want an easier way of dealing with banks or any financial service and they want an intuitive experience of doing that. Banks were not able offer it, primarily because of the economic crisis - they had complex issues to deal with, new kinds of regulations coming in, they had to cut costs, the margins were literally not there. That is how the FinTech industry really came about, as a way of bridging that gap." The three main things FinTech brands have done in terms of good: (1) Developing new business models. (2) Opening to new markets - FinTechs let anybody open an account. (3) Opening to different geographies and using different kinds of big data

Leichter Leben mit Waldemar Zeiler von Einhorn, Danny & Nastia vom 04.08.2016 Wer die Sendung heute nicht gesehen hat, hat wirklich etwas verpasst! Vielen, vielen Dank an Waldemar Zeiler mit seinen veganen, sehr kreativen Kondomen - wir finden sie klasse :D Ein herzliches Dankeschön für das Dabei-Sein auch an Michael Allgeier, der per Skype bei uns war, sowie an Danny & Nastia mit den Rubriken "Ach...guck mal" & der "App der Woche" (Sea Hero).
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WikiStage Centrale Paris 1. Paris, France, 2014

"À chaque fois, ils ont travaillé énormément sur se poser la bonne question." "Mamou a transformé une activité de production pour résoudre un problème social qu'il avait vu dans son pays.""Il y a d'autres entrepreneurs qu'on a rencontré qui eux ont carrément réinventé des industries entières." "La question qui se pose, ce n'est pas "j'ai envie de changer le monde, je vais faire quelque chose." Non. Il se pose "j'ai envie que le monde s'améliore, qu'il change un peu." Ils vont trouver un problème qui est important pour eux et ensuite ils vont essayer de répondre à une question très simple."