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WikiStage ESCP Europe 8 - Paris. Paris, France, 2016

WikiStage ESCP Europe - Paris campus “We need a quick, strong and global energy transition based on renewable energy and energy efficiency program anywhere.” “A lot of assets are going to be stranded because of the 2 degrees scenario.” “When you are a bank, you have a key role in financing energy transition. You have to flow money to renewable energy and energy efficiency programs.” “We at BNB Paribas want to finance the electricity sector so that is in line with the 2 degree scenario and we want to be transparent about that.” “Since the enactment of this policy we have refused to finance 30 coal fire power plants, because they did not stick to the best available technologies. These power plants represent around 30% of French CO2 emissions.” “Last year, before COP21, we decided to reinforce our commitments: - We are not going to finance any more coal mine anywhere in the World. - We are not going to finance any more coal fire power plant in the high income countries. - In the other countries, we have reinforced our very stringent criteria according to which we assess the feasibility to finance a coal fire power plant. - On the other side, we have decided to double our exposure to renewables by 2020; to rank among the top 3 issuers of EURO-dominated green bonds by 2018; and to invest 100 million EUR into start-ups that innovate in energy transition. We also a strong focus on forests, very important carbon sinks, not to mention the services provided from the forests. “

WikiStage ESCP Europe 8 - Paris. Paris, France, 2016

WikiStage ESCP Europe, Paris campus “Can you actually say that the financial industry is broken, evil or destructive? Can you say that debt is necessarily a bad thing?” “Financing is a very important factor for a strategy of growth.” “I had the opportunity to manage a family business in Mexico. Mexico has a huge problem, because the economy is lacking access to finance sources, so small and medium sized companies do not have access to financing sources. (…) If these companies do not have sufficient financing, most of them will stay small, regional without possibilities to expand.” “Lack of financing hurts the economy.” “However, too much debt is also bad for the economy. There are some signs right now that there is a real estate bubble forming up in China which might explode and there is a huge amount of student loans outstanding in the United States.” “Even today in 2016 banks are still struggling with capital requirements, reduced balance sheets and increased regulatory burden, so they are not lending.” “Quantitative easing (printing money to buy back debt) has not reached the small and medium sized companies” “Institutional investors have to put their money somewhere because one day they need to pay for your retirement. Scarcity of bank lending, changing regulation and investors’ need for yield has led to the disintermediation of the finance sector and alternative lenders have been growing and trying to fill this lending gap.” “True, there have been excesses in finance. There have been false incentives in some cases, there have been bad people. But bad people exist everywhere, in every industry – look at Enron, FIFA or Volkswagen.” “If all firms have access to financing in different stages of their lifecycle, in different forms and in a measured way – this will lead to more professionalized firms, better reporting structures, more transparency and that will lead to growth and economic prosperity.”
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WikiStage ESCP Europe - Berlin. Berlin, Germany, 2015

WikiStage ESCP Europe - Berlin campus. "When you look at Millennials, many of us don't trust banks anymore." "Many startups fail to have a proper business model. Also, they are lacking in managerial experience running the business". "A hedgehog concept is a very strong concept or idea and it means understanding what the company can become best at, instead of being mediocre." "Technology is an accelerator." "It's not technology that are driving innovation; digitalization is the people."

WikiStage ESCP Europe 8 - London. London, United Kingdom, 2016 Reverend Chris CHIVERS speaks for the good side of this debate. He is Principal at Wescott House in Cambridge (UK). "There are only 50 references to sex in the Bible; there are over 500 references to money. The new testament talks more about money than anything else, any other single subject. But it interesting that everyone's perception is that Christians spend all their time talking about sex." "Impact investment model is a post-colonial model of investing, because it is the only model in which there is a true relationship." "Where there is power and money residing in a donor-recipient model, you cannot develop true relationship - you can only develop dependency.

WikiStage ESCP Europe 8 - London. London, United Kingdom, 2016 Dr. Terence TSE speaks for the flip side of this debate. He is Professor of Finance at ESCP Europe. "Like fire, finance can be a good servant or a very bad master." "Between land, labour and capital, one thing that is not shrinking or flattening is capital. Its role and significance is tremendously bigger than before." "Even though overall level of GDP is rising and economic pie is getting bigger and bigger, the middle income class is actually earning less and less. Why is this the case? Because of automation: machines started to take over those jobs that were traditionally held by the middle income class." "Think about Uber - who actually finances the taxi cars? The car drivers, because they now have to take a loan to buy a car, the financial risk is on them. Where is the financial gain going? - to Uber. "
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