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WikiStage ESCP Europe - London. London, United Kingdom, 2015

How do Investors look at Start Ups and invest their money - explained by the CEO of a 60m € family office, Simone Cimminelli

WikiStage ESCP Europe 8 - London. London, United Kingdom, 2016 Devie MOHAN speaks for the good side of the debate. She works at Thomson Reuters and is a FinTech Market Strategist. She is ranked #12 on the FinTech100 global list. "FinTech by definition came about as an industry forced by the economic crisis as a way of bridging the gap between banks and consumers. Consumers want one thing: they want an easier way of dealing with banks or any financial service and they want an intuitive experience of doing that. Banks were not able offer it, primarily because of the economic crisis - they had complex issues to deal with, new kinds of regulations coming in, they had to cut costs, the margins were literally not there. That is how the FinTech industry really came about, as a way of bridging that gap." The three main things FinTech brands have done in terms of good: (1) Developing new business models. (2) Opening to new markets - FinTechs let anybody open an account. (3) Opening to different geographies and using different kinds of big data

WikiStage ESCP Europe 8 - London. London, United Kingdom, 2016 Reverend Chris CHIVERS speaks for the good side of this debate. He is Principal at Wescott House in Cambridge (UK). "There are only 50 references to sex in the Bible; there are over 500 references to money. The new testament talks more about money than anything else, any other single subject. But it interesting that everyone's perception is that Christians spend all their time talking about sex." "Impact investment model is a post-colonial model of investing, because it is the only model in which there is a true relationship." "Where there is power and money residing in a donor-recipient model, you cannot develop true relationship - you can only develop dependency.

WikiStage ESCP Europe - Berlin. Berlin, Germany, 2015

WikiStage ESCP Europe - Berlin Campus. "For 50 cents, you can feed one child for one full day." "Today, 1 in 9 people are still suffering from hunger." "Smartphone users outnumber hungry children 20 to 1." "We created a tool, ShareTheMeal, that allows you with simply a tap on the smartphone, to donate 50 cents to the WFP/UN." "Digital world allows you to create something with very little resources." "Digitalization is one tool that is really special to our generation. All you need to have is the idea and then you can do great things."

WikiStage ESCP Europe - London. London, United Kingdom, 2015

Listen to Stephanie Sutton from Fidelity Worldwide Investments give her professional perspective of the start-up market and how this will influence the  Economy World of today. One of many special insights at WikiStage ESCP Europe 2015 London.