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WikiStage ESCP Europe 3. Paris, France, 2014

Everyone is always talking about growth; but really what is important to understand is what are the kernels of growth? Growth is a multidirectionnal prospect that stems from an advantage; but how to define and characterize this advantage? Whether it is build around an asset or a service, the growth of a company must take into account various criteria regarding the market and its structure before implementing a good strategy. "If you don't think what growth pathway you're going to take, your company is going to go nowhere fast." "Strategy of zero and margins of nothing is zero." "Building a company is done brick by brick." "Being able to understand and to figure out how to use not only your assets but to combine that with growth dynamics is the key to building a good growth."    

WikiStage World Bank Group - Lima. Lima, Peru, 2015

What is growth without inclusion? Sri MULYANI INDRAWATI - WikiStage World Bank Group WBG

WikiStage HEC Alger 1. Algiers, Algeria, 2015
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Professor Charrouf is the author of more than 100 publications on the Argan tree and on its byproducts. She is the president of the Ibn Al-Baytar association and of Slow Food in Morocco. She is a member of the board of directors in the CIRAD (Center for the international cooperation in agronomy research for the development) and in the BDA (Biotechnology and Sustainable Development in Africa) in Canada. Her work for the promotion of the Argan oil, for the development of its processing and for the empowerment of the Moroccan women in rural areas has been awarded with many international prizes.
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