Identity and Culture

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TEDxMcGill - Paradigm Shift. Montreal, Canada, 2016

Thione’s personal journey is a testament to the power of dreaming big. Thione Niang is a political strategist, an entrepreneur, community leader, motivational speaker, and a mentor. Named by Complex Magazine as one of the 10 Young Activists Who Are Changing The World in March 2013. He campaigned for President Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential election, a life changing experience. Inspired by the legions of young voters that helped make history in the election of 2008. In 2009, he launched the Give1 Project a global nonprofit organization, dedicated to the engagement and empowerment of young leaders for the pursuit of social, economic and political advancement in their communities. His organization is currently operating in over 20 countries. Give1Project to develop business incubator in many countries in Africa strengthened to train and support young entrepreneurs. In October 2015 he was appointed by U.S. President Barack Obama and The Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz as ambassador at the US Ministry of Energy representing minorities in energy.

WikiStage at Sciences Po 1. Paris, France, 2014

« L'idéologie russe en 2030 recyclera les symboles du passé. » « Il y aura une grande puissance partenaire de la Russie : La Chine. »
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WikiStage Lille1 1. Lille, France, 2014

Knowledge is what brings us closer together, but its sharing its greatly unequal on a worldwide scale.If knowledge is now more accessible and spread out than ever, there are still great disparities in the production and reception areas of knowledge. The North remains unevitably a self-centered zone, putting "cultural glasses" on its citizens that blinds them from worldwide knowledge spreading. "Knowledge means loads of different things. Knowledge is discovery, inspiration, interest, going down a path, different paths than we've seen today. And it's a fascinating thing." "Knowledge, culture and the world can be seen with glasses, cultural glasses. Things that society put on us." "I think the knowledge economy is just increasing disparities from the past."    
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WikiStage Lille1 1. Lille, France, 2014

Sushmita Kashyap explains how multilinguism can help people opening themselves, and break the barrier between cultures. "Being a polyglot, for me, is like being your own personal toolbox, and it is a very fantastic toolbox." "In our modern age we are looking for guarantees, for everything." "We have to start believing that the moment is here and now." "Every moment that we pass in the company of another person from another culture - it could be just anywhere, even in the supermarket - is a moment to learn, to alter a new world and to just experiment." Sushmita Kashyap: Étudiante en Master 2 MITRA : Médiation Interculturelle: identités, conflits, mobilités à l'Université de Lille3. De nationalité indienne, elle est formée dans le journalisme, et a travaillée comme observateur des droits humains dans les zones à conflits de l'Inde du nord-est. Voyageuse passionnée, photographe amateur, rédactrice de poésie, elle étudie actuellement la géographie émotionnelle des quartiers défavorisés de Rio de Janeiro.    
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WikiStage Livres en Tête 1. Paris, France, 2014

« Les gens ne vont comprendre ce qu'est un livre audio, tout de suite on vous ramène vers les malvoyants, les enfants. » « Dans les autres pays on considère que c'est normal dès lors qu'on apprend à lire, de continuer quand même à se faire lire des histoires par d'autres. »