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WikiStage ESCP Europe 5. Paris, France, 2015

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Is that really true today? In the world where access to information is more than easy, knowledge can be reached by anyone. But what about imagination?" "Of course technology offers beautiful and wonderful things to see but we forget too often to use our other senses which make work our imagination" "Yes, it is very important for a child to invent its own world where he could be the hero." "Naivety detaches us from the technique and allows us to invent incredible, impossible, and improbable things." "Craziness, naivety and expertise is a combination which could make your idea real one day" "What I am telling you today is to be a pioneer. Do not be afraid to imagine impossible things thanks to imagination. That's the reflection I offer you today: do not stop thinking like a child"

WikiStage ESCP Europe 3. Paris, France, 2014

Joseph Beuys said: Every human being is an artist. Find out what he meant when he said these magic words. Children are more creative than adults. However, it seems we all have it within us. We just don't know it or we didn't find out yet. It might take a while until we actually realize that, but believe Martin KUPP, it's possible.Maybe it's hard for you to realize how or why, but the response might be easier than you imagine. It takes only a triple factor-based solution for multiple results. "Every human being is an artist." "Creativity is actually hard work."    

TEDxMcGill - Paradigm Shift. Montreal, Canada, 2016

Thione’s personal journey is a testament to the power of dreaming big. Thione Niang is a political strategist, an entrepreneur, community leader, motivational speaker, and a mentor. Named by Complex Magazine as one of the 10 Young Activists Who Are Changing The World in March 2013. He campaigned for President Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential election, a life changing experience. Inspired by the legions of young voters that helped make history in the election of 2008. In 2009, he launched the Give1 Project a global nonprofit organization, dedicated to the engagement and empowerment of young leaders for the pursuit of social, economic and political advancement in their communities. His organization is currently operating in over 20 countries. Give1Project to develop business incubator in many countries in Africa strengthened to train and support young entrepreneurs. In October 2015 he was appointed by U.S. President Barack Obama and The Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz as ambassador at the US Ministry of Energy representing minorities in energy.

WikiStage ESCP Europe 2. Paris, France, 2013

Jacqueline Fendt takes us into an imaginary trip in the search for real results, pursuing the goal of innovation through the use of creativity and imagination. We all assume results and appreciation come from following the path of rational things... This is not entirely true. We are about to find out that imagination and creativity, with the necessary dose of chance, can bring innovation. Don't be afraid to mingle with people and share your ideas, let them collide and get the chances. Serendipity is the key, it encompasses all sorts of different characteristics and in the same time, it's everywhere and it's nothing exceptional about it. Find out why mistakes are necessary and how to get sustainability in your solutions. "Mistakes are a great way for serendipity." "You will be princes and princesses of serendipity."  

WikiStage ESCP Europe 2. Paris, France, 2013

To make the audience curious is only the first step, Phil Waknell takes you further and teach how to make them inspired by your speech. What do you do when you already got the attention of your audience? People may forget what they hear, but they will remember what inspired them. To present is to inspire your audience because if you want to make a change in people’s minds you need to inspire that change. First, trigger the feeling of desire in your audience, so as to turn an idea to a wish. An impulse must follow, a certain spark that the audience could change into a flame so as to motivate them to take action. Then, show them the vision so project the future as it could be if they took action and follow that primary desire. Lastly, all of that should be done in a right environment which favors creativity. “Presentation should rhyme with inspiration”