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WikiStage in der Französischen Botschaft in Berlin
10 pm
This WikiStage event brought together successful entrepreneurs to talk about the impact of digitization on society and the economy.
The first WikiStage conference organized by the students of HEC Alger (Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales) with the theme of "Entrepreneurship and Innovation"

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i believe that people of my city (Especially young people) need this event to change the way they think.
"Miracles" Lycée International Balzac Cairo, Egypt
Die Französische Botschaft gemeinsam mit Wikistage eine Konferenz zum Thema „Die Stadt von Morgen“.
Die Welt des Pariser Klimaabkommens. Le Monde après l'Accord de Paris sur le Climat
En partenariat avec Philosophie Magazine, SUEZ organise un cycle de conférences avec des intervenants réputés autour du concept de diversité.
Zehn Doktoranden stellten sich der kreativen Herausforderung und präsentierten 3 Jahre Forschung in nur 3 Minuten mit viel Witz, Charme und Talent.
A WikiStage conference organized by students from Annaba, Algeria, titled "Beyond the Imagination". 
Empow'Her - French public interest organization, has organized an event to give voice to female entrepreneurs and present projects of social entrepreneurship.
Finance has been called destructive. Evil, even - Can Finance make our world a better place?
A part of the WikiStage conference series \\\"The Good in Finance\\\" with WikiTalks at ESCP campuses in London, Berlin and Paris.