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The first WikiStage event in London happened in November 2015 at the ESCP Europe campus. The main focus of talks was on start-up entrepreneurship.
Le Groupe YESS est une alliance des clubs d'Alumni de grandes écoles et d'universités intéressés par l'entrepreneuriat social et par l'innovation sociale.

WikiStage Paris Asso 1

Paris France France


Rencontre au Carrefour des Associations Parisiennes avec les porteurs de projets 2015 du label Cap’Ten.
This WikiStage event brought together successful entrepreneurs to talk about the impact of digitization on society and the economy.
OuiShare is an international leader in the collaborative economy field. In 2015 they organized a WikiStage event on common goods and collaborative consumption.
Heinz Wismann est directeur d'études émérite à l'EHESS, ses recherches portent essentiellement sur l'herméneutique et l'histoire de la pensée allemande.
The MEDEF's only objective is to make France a winner and its only obsession is employment.
This event brought together six experts to give talks on digitization and the future of technology.
The second WikiStage event was organized by ESSEC - a business school located in the Paris area and in Singapore, with a theme of "Philanthropy".
On October 6, 2015 in Lima Peru, this WikiStage WBG Lima explored the broad theme of “Social Inclusion.”
This WikiStage event brought together philosophy professor and students of the Paris' Ecole Normale Sup, to talk about Emmanuel Kant.