How does a daily meditation practice benefit your life?


Marie Schneegans

Fondatrice de Never Eat Alone
WikiStage MakeSense

WikiStage MakeSense

Paris, France. 2015

MakeSense makes it possible for anyone in the world to get involved at any level to solve social and environmental issues. We empower people to engage in projects and challenges that help...

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"In the past year, I have passed from a carefree girl to a responsible adult almost overnight. I am under a lot of pressure with my double degree at my university, with my company and maintaining friendships. What helps me the most is learning to meditate. Meditation is a technique I have learned to bring peace and happiness to my life and clear my mind. It also allows me to enjoy the moment and appreciate every instant of my life. Meditation increases your immune system, your compassion and it decreases pain. And it also enhances your social life. The more I meditate, the more I have self-confidence and the more I smile and connect with people. Last month I had ten exams and traveled to three continents in between and meditation helped to focus and to have achieved all my goals. I am very grateful that I learned to meditate very early in my life and I am hope that you will also try and benefit from it."