How does curiosity lead to creativity?



Creative Workplace Designer and CEO at Good Morning Creativity
WikiStage ESCP Europe 2

WikiStage ESCP Europe 2

Paris, France. 2013

More than 16 experts and artist perform for 6 or 12 minutes to celebrate the theme of Curiosity.

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Are you a curious person? Do you like to discover new things? Then, ask yourself the right questions, and you will maybe become a creative person.

If you are curious enough, if you allow yourself some time to discover new things, to ask yourself the right questions, then you might me able to be creative. That is what Petronela Zainuddin wants to prove, and tells us all about the creative process.

"Curiosity is just a spark, it is the beginning of creative process, it is the beginning of anything that we want to invent or make new."

"If you ask an artist or someone who is inventing new stuff how did the;y do that, if they tell you about 'well well well, one morning I got up and I had this idea', that is not true."

"Plan your discovery moment. Take out your agenda, and plan the time when you want to learn, when you want to discover a world."

"Do every week and every day something new, so you pioneer new things."