How to succeed in the age of digital transformation?


Ray Wang

Principal Analyst, Founder & Chairman at Constellation Research.
WikiTalks at Les Fontaines

WikiTalks at Les Fontaines

Paris, France. 2015

This event brought together six experts to give talks on digitization and the future of technology. Organized as WikiTalks in July 2015, in front of the beautiful Les Fontaines, nearby Paris.

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"52 percent of the Fortune 500 companies have emerged, acquired, gone bankrupt and fallen off the list since 2000. One would like to think it's the Internet, one would like to think it's the technology shift but even during the recession in 2008 and the global financial crisis, we realized it was something more that was happening. There's a massive change ahead of us, some would like to call digital disruption but we actually have to turn it around and disrupt digital businesses because when we think about every market - it's the winner who takes all the market. (...) When we take a top 3 in every single market, we're seeing 'a winner takes all' market. This 'winner takes all' market is the result of what's happening with digital business and digital transformation. It's happening not because of technology but because people have built business models designed for the digital era. (...)"