La connaissance est-elle un bien commun?


Guillaume Dumas

Research fellow of the Human Genetics and Cognitive Functions Laboratory in the Institut Pasteur.
WikiStage La Paillasse 1

WikiStage La Paillasse 1

Paris, France. 2015

With the theme "Biohacking", WikiStage La Paillasse 1 event took place in Paris in March 2016.

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"As the water and air, knowledge is a common good. This is a property that belong to anyone and which belongs to everyone at once. "
" If we take the scientific edition starts with open access, ie make available free scientific knowledge. For that, it is not just an idealistic band, it's people who have created new economic systems, new business models, which allow not only to the creation of economic value, but also the social value, making free accessibly of scientific articles. "
" instead of keeping the knowledge and shut, lest they be done double, or fear that others exploit it for us the idea is to share the data, it is to share data. [...] This brings collaborations, it generates economic value of small startups that do not have the means to have R & D departments. These data will be exploited, and it therefore generates the intrinsic value to society. "
" All citizens are concerned, they can access classes free way to university around the world, so it also depends on the internet access also. It's a dynamic that knowledge, the more you share, the more it is valued. "
" Everybody is concerned. The citizens, instead of being spectators from the knowledge and read the titles of newspapers large speculative science is to do science in everyday life, make collectively and reclaim this knowledge. This is what I invite you to do. Take knowledge as players and not as spectators. "
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