Said Bouari, Annaba - Annaba, Algeria. 2016

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Claude GRUNITZKY, SUEZ - Paris, France. 2015

The issue of language is becoming really really important, because if we are going to look at Africa for instance, and I am now just focusing on the African continent, a lot of the main languages that are spoken are the colonial l...

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Carlos CAMPOS, SUEZ - Paris, France. 2015

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François JULLIEN, SUEZ - Paris, France. 2015

On traite habituellement du divers des cultures en terme de différences culturelles, ce qui suppose de penser les cultures aussi en terme d’identités. Mon parti pris est de penser ce divers des cultures non pas...

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Anis Saidoun, Annaba - Annaba, Algeria. 2016 Help us caption & translate this video!

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