Jan Lepoutre

What would be the soundtrack for entrepreneurship?
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    Try to put an entrepreneurship venture into words and music, and then push play. Jan Lepoutre gives us the soundtrack to your entrepreneurship movie.There are musics that echo greatly with a moment in your life, whether it's a celebration or a stressful moment. Creating a company is one of the biggest venture one can undertake, and yet there is no music or soundtrack dedicated to relate the emotions it bring. Or is there?

    "In most important moments in life, we celebrate with music : we put our weddings in music, if our favorite team wins we all sing " we are the champions" by Queen, but when we think of entrepreneurship, which is also a celebration of human endeavour, of life, we don't put any music to it."
    "Failure really is unimportant, but it takes courage to make a fool of yourself.""If you really wanna see what you are intrinsically capable of, it's not going to be in your dreams. You'll have to take action, and if you fail, you'll just have to continue and to persevere until you see what you think you are really capable of."