Melanie Wendland

Improving women’s health in Sub-Saharan Africa through service design
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    Every day approximately 800 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. The Better Outcomes in Labour Difficulty (BOLD) project is a joint two year initiative of WHO, M4ID and three universities to address maternal mortality and morbidity through the design of innovative services and tools to support health workers in providing appropriate care during childbirth and to increase demand for respectful, quality care among women and their families. Can service design make a difference and empower a shift in behavior?

    Filmed at the Service Experience Camp 15
    Berlin - 13.11.2015

    Melanie Wendland
    Director of Service Design and Innovation, M4ID

    Filmed and Edited by:
    Vladimir Georgiev
    Merja Hannikainen
    Joseph Murphy