Gaia Dempsey

Knowledge Transfer: The Promise of Augmented Reality
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    2015 Future of StoryTelling Summit Speaker: Gaia Dempsey
    Managing Director, DAQRI International
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    We understand our world through stories. That layer of narrative locks in our experiences, teaching us to remember what we’ve observed. Gaia Dempsey, through her work at DAQRI, has learned that augmented reality doesn’t change that—it just emphasizes it. By applying digital information over the real world, augmented reality allows us to break up what we see into new spaces and interact with them in a new way. Imagine looking at a toolbox and seeing a floating explanation of every tool inside it; or a complex panel of controls overlaid with instructions for exactly how to interact with it, step by step. It’s an incredible new way to learn, to communicate, and to engage. Dempsey will discuss how augmented reality is developing and where it’s heading at this year’s FoST.