Jake Shapiro

Jake Shapiro – Voices in Our Heads: The Future of Radio
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    2015 Future of StoryTelling Summit Speaker: Jake Shapiro
    CEO, Public Radio Exchange

    Over 90% of Americans listen to radio on a daily basis. But digital’s impact on radio is growing—and Jake Shapiro, CEO of PRX (Public Radio Exchange) sees this disruption as exciting and promising. We’ve been listening to stories from the very beginning of civilization—but now smartphones have put a radio in all our pockets, making audio storytelling feel even more emotional, educational, and effective than ever before. And thanks to new formats like podcasting—currently enjoying a renaissance—we’ll soon be able to more directly access and control what we listen to. Crowdfunding will let us directly support it, too. At FoST, Shapiro will be looking closely how these forces are revolutionizing our oldest form of storytelling and the future of podcasting.