Janet Murray

Janet Murray - Dramatic Agency: The Next Evolution of Storytelling
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    Future of Storytelling Speaker: Janet Murray
    Professor, eTV Researcher, & Author, "Hamlet on the Holodeck"
    Apply to attend: fost.org

    An expert on narrative’s history and its future, Janet Murray is always looking at how stories are evolving. She’s traced how the soliloquy, once a crude dramatic tool, became—in Shakespeare’s hands—a window into the modern mind, and how it’s now found new life as the reality TV confessional. Long-form serial narratives are being reinvented in the form of complex, binge-worthy television, while video games are maturing into fully developed story worlds that we can directly interact with. We can now actively engage with fictional worlds as we experience them. These new storytelling models mark nothing less than the advancement of our culture, as it works to help us better understand the modern world.

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