Jennifer Aaker

Jennifer Aaker: The Happiness Narrative
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    2015 Future of StoryTelling Summit Speaker: Jennifer Aaker
    General Atlantic Professor of Marketing, Stanford University Graduate School of Business

    We assume happiness is stable, an endpoint to achieve or a goal to chase. But it isn’t. Social psychologist Jennifer Aaker—with her colleagues Cassie Mogilner and Sep Kamvar—has discovered that happiness changes meaning in systematic ways over the course of our lives, shifting every five to ten years. Their research also shows these changes are malleable. Although many argue that happiness is a choice we make, Aaker and her colleagues’ work suggests that we can change our meaning of happiness—and the meaning we choose can impact the choices we make. This year at FoST, Aaker will explore how the definition of happiness changes—and how understanding that can help us rewrite our own life stories.