Phil Chen

Phil Chen – Virtual Agency: Unlocking VR's Potential
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    2015 Future of StoryTelling Summit Speaker: Phil Chen
    Chief Content Officer, HTC & Cofounder, Vive
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    Virtual reality pushes the capabilities of computers like no other current technology; putting a 3D world in front of you and making it interactive requires a lot of power. But the payoff? A new medium that directly engages with you, multiplying your perspective and allowing a new kind of empathy. Phil Chen, Chief Content Officer of HTC’s Vive, is working to intensify that experience by stressing interactivity—not just putting you into a virtual world, but encouraging you to engage with it. You can stick your head inside a jet engine or walk inside your own brain. At FoST, Chen will discuss how interactivity makes VR a tool for learning, for communication, and for storytelling—a way to add a new dimension to our lives.

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