Saschka Unseld

Saschka Unseld - Uncovering the Grammar of VR
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    Future of Storytelling Speaker: Saschka Unseld
    Creative Director, Oculus Story Studio
    In virtual reality, you are at the center of every story. Saschka Unseld, head of Oculus Story Studio, wants to keep you there, experiencing virtual worlds directly, with characters who interact with you in real time. You read a book and you watch a film, but in virtual reality, you experience a story. It’s told through your senses, and Unseld and his team are now discovering what that means—how characters should react to you, how to make your experience interactive and responsive. It’s a learning curve that’s just beginning—built on a heritage of storytelling but breaking down the fourth wall in a new way. Unseld will be sharing some of what his studio is learning at this year’s FoST.