Scott Trowbridge

Scott Trowbridge - Unexpected Magic: Inviting the Audience to Drive the Story
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    Future of Storytelling speaker: Scott Trowbridge
    Portfolio Creative Executive & Studio Leader, Walt Disney Imagineering
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    It all starts with story, but Scott Trowbridge’s creative work in Imagineering and elsewhere at Disney turns stories into entire worlds. He’s tasked with creating new kinds of experiences that people can physically walk through and share—journeys that feel impossible but are magically real. Lately, that’s led him and his teams to break apart what narratives are, so that the audience can direct the story itself, coming together both virtually and in reality to discover what people can create as a community. It’s impossible to predict what emerges—and that’s what makes it so powerful. Trowbridge will be sharing some of what he’s discovered in the process at this year’s FoST.