Valentina Carbone

Crowd-logistics: a new buzz word?
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    "First thing: I went to see Tom Hanks."

    "I am in sustainability. So I asked: "Do I really need to add another box in a big plane with a lot of CO² emissions to go from Paris to New York?. The sentimental part of my idea was leaving the place to my environmental concerns."

    "So I went to see the Postal office. [...] Then I met David."

    "So this is my personal story. And I want to rely on it to tell you why I believe that crowd-logistics is a new way of conducting a very traditional activity that is logistics: moving stuff and keeping them stored for a while."

    "Crowd logistics can bring a fresh new air in traditional logistic systems. Why? Because it is light asset. Because you can rely on capacity, which is already there. You have your room cellars where you can let me store part of my stuff. You have a small place in your luggage when you travel around the world. So we have connections which are: resilient, local, efficient and the main reason why I believe in this new system is that they are sustainable."

    "Compared to other crowd practices, crowd-logistics has a true advantage, it contributes to reduce CO² emissions congestion and all the externalizations of traditional asset based logistics industry."