Hayley Wickenheiser

Lead by Example, Accountability & Excellence
The Art of Leadership for Women
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    "I think that the great thing about the Olympics is that, even though you are part of your own hockey team or your sport, but your also part of the greater Canadian team. And the Men's and Women's team have served to help and inspire one another through all the Olympics that I've been a part of..."

Waldemar Zeiler

Entrepreneur's Pledge @EO University Amsterdam 2014
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    The Entrepreneur‘s Pledge is a commitment by sustainable thinking entrepreneurs to dedicate their entrepreneurial gift to found at least one business that will reduce its environmental & social harm to a minimum and invest at least 50% of the profits into a social or environmental cause connected to their business.

    Waldemar Zeiler, who has founded the Entrepreneur's Pledge together with Philip Siefer, explains the principle of the Entrepreneur's Pledge and why experienced entrepreneurs are one of 3 key ingredients for a fair & sustainable future. This talk was held in Amsterdam at the EO University event November 21st 2014.

    To walk the talk, they also started einhorn, a Berlin based condom brand, which will spend 50% of it's profits for sexual education and fair & sustainable rubber cultivation in Malaysia.

Devie Mohan

How is FinTech Reshaping our World?
WikiStage ESCP Europe 8 - London
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    Devie MOHAN speaks for the good side of the debate. She works at Thomson Reuters and is a FinTech Market Strategist. She is ranked #12 on the FinTech100 global list.

    "FinTech by definition came about as an industry forced by the economic crisis as a way of bridging the gap between banks and consumers. Consumers want one thing: they want an easier way of dealing with banks or any financial service and they want an intuitive experience of doing that. Banks were not able offer it, primarily because of the economic crisis - they had complex issues to deal with, new kinds of regulations coming in, they had to cut costs, the margins were literally not there. That is how the FinTech industry really came about, as a way of bridging that gap."

    The three main things FinTech brands have done in terms of good:
    (1) Developing new business models.
    (2) Opening to new markets - FinTechs let anybody open an account.
    (3) Opening to different geographies and using different kinds of big data

Abhinav Agarwal

What's an entrepreneur's journey about?
WikiStage ESCP Europe 4
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    "How many of you have seen the movie Shreck? The green ogre with his donkey? Do you remember the beginning, how the movie starts? Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, the king and queen were blessed with a beautiful baby daughter. Everyone was happy until they discovered that she was cursed. And so she was kept away in a very high tower, protected by a dragon, waiting for a prince. And here we have our prince Charming, who wants to rescue her. It was he who had chanced this perilous journey through blistering coals, scorching deserts, traveling day and night, risking life and limb to reach the dragon’s den.

    For he was the bravest and most handsome in all the land. It was destiny that his kiss would save the princess from the dreaded curse. Now, for a moment, if you want to compare this beautiful story to reality, we can very well compare the journey of prince Charming to the journey of every entrepreneur. Blistering coals, scorching deserts, sleepless nights and, of course, dragons. Ok, for the story’s sake, our entrepreneur could be a charming princess as well.

    So, this journey of entrepreneurship is about survival. We need to survive to reach the end. We all have the basic instincts of survival. And survival requires innovative thinking. Think about your life, think about the time you were faced with an important decision, or a very difficult choice whose results would take you to uncharted territories so that you could adapt to a challenging situation. In our routine lives we are faced with such choices to handle the situations that life throws at us.

    And how we deal with these choice and how we face the results determines who we are. This is a mindset. And normally we associate this mindset with entrepreneurs. But the truth is that there is an entrepreneur in all of us. In the morning, when we decide to take the road not taken, we are engaging in a small act of entrepreneurship. This journey or entrepreneurship is about choices – the right ones and the wrong ones. It’s about perspectives – optimistic and pessimistic. It’s about learning to fail and making failure an asset. And it’s also about leading without a title. So, this spirit and mindset needs to be recognizes, harnessed and developed.

    So, when the going gets tough, you get going. I myself have failed many times, I am leaning every day. I have not yet started my own company, but today I like to call myself an entrepreneur. Thank you."

Karim Djerboa

Entrepreneurs, comment mesurez-vous votre succès?
WikiStage HEC Alger 1
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    "Combien parmi vous êtes entrepreneurs ou souhaitent le devenir? Mais vous êtes fous ! Oui vous êtes fous et je suis ravi d'être parmi vous, car moi aussi je suis fou comme vous! Vous êtes l'espoir de notre pays. Votre folie est merveilleuse, parce qu'elle peut changer le monde!"

    "Je sais qu'en Algérie il y a 40 millions d'opportunités"

    "Je suis venue en Algérie avec deux choix : soit réussir ou bien réussir.


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Manuel Radvanyi

Why do we see so few great leaders?
WikiStage ESCP Europe 5
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    "What is great leadership?"

    "Good leaders share some common characteristics. For example, they are charismatic, they have a vision, they are strong. [...] But being a great leader is hard because that is not all to it. For me a great leader is somebody who has those characteristics and also represents something more, a common cause, a common purpose."

    "The purpose, is the reason why we do what we do. We can see the power of purpose-driven leadership each day in the millions of students and of full-time workers who engage themselves besides their work in activities in NGOs. They don't do that for the money. They don't do that for any kind of material benefit. They do that because they believe in the purpose, they believe in the benefit of what they do. They are passionate about that. This passion makes them do those amazing things, besides all the other things they have to do. They invest their most precious resources, their time and their energy into that."

    "I would like to see more companies and politicians use this kind of leadership."

    "Crowdsourcing meaning thinking together about which purposes the country could serve. [...] It's up to us to see what we want to do with the expression crowd-sourced purpose. Because in the end, becoming a great leader is very hard if you don't have a common purpose or a common ground to share with the people you lead."


Arianna Huffington

Good Leaders Need to Take Care of Themselves
The Art of Leadership for Women
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    "What is important for women is not just to aim for the top jobs, but also to change the nature of work. To change the workplace. Because it hasn't really worked in the way it was designed and we see so many super-successful leaders with heart-attacks and high blood pressure in their forties and fifties - and there is no reason for that!"

Octave Bory-Bert

Comment devient-on entrepreneur rêveur dans le cinéma?
WikiStage ESSEC 1
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    Octave est co-fondateur et CEO de MELUSYN, outil en ligne qui permet d'optimiser l'organisation d'un tournage.

    "Un entrepreneur et un réalisateur est un peu la même personne: c'est quelqu'un qui a une vision, c'est quelqu'un qui a un rêve et c'est quelqu'un qui veut concrétiser ses rêves"


Olivier Nishimata

L'entrepreneur doit-il être curieux?
WikiStage ESCP Europe 2
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    Is curiosity essential for entrepreneurs? Of course. Could we say that it is the same curiosity that makes us entrepreneurs? Olivier Nishimata describes the role of curiosity in entrepreneurship.

    Do what you have never done and you'll have what you have never got. Olivier Nishimata it means to be curious in our actions. That curiosity is a motor that drives every entrepreneur in his strive to make a new business model work. The necessity to perform various tasks when you're an entrepreneur- be it finance, communications or logistics - pushes you to become curious about each of those tasks.

    « Fais ce que tu n'as jamais fais et tu auras ce que tu n'as jamais eu. C'est-à-dire qu'il faut être curieux dans l'action. »

    « La curiosité : c'est ce qui donne envie de comprendre au-delà des lieux communs, et ensuite de faire bouger les lignes, là où tout le monde voyait le statu-quo », Pierre Kosciusko Morizet.

    « Il faut savoir être curieux d'un petit peu de tout de tout - de ses clients, de ses concurrents, de son marché et de ses évolutions - et ré-inventer son marché. »


Martin Kupp

How can you enable your team to be creative?
WikiStage ESCP Europe 3
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    Martin Kupp informs us about a simple, yet efficient, formula capable of fostering the creativity of a group of different individuals.

    "People have to be ready to share emotions and feelings about their work."