Amy Edmondson

Leadership is a Journey
The Art of Leadership for Women
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    "The Art of Leadership, in my mind, is a reminder that leadership is an art! I's not a science. There isn't a formula 'if you do this and this, all will be well'."

Nancy Duarte

Visioning as a Leader
The Art of Leadership for Women
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    "As a leader, visioning is a really difficult process. Because what you're doing is actually prophetically imagining a future that doesn't exist. And you can make that future as amazing or as constrained as what you think your own limitation is."

Arne van Oosterom

Don’t start a company, start a movement!
Service Experience Camp
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    How do we create and nurture a culture of innovation? How do we attract and keep talent in our companies? How do we keep up with change? How do we stay relevant? In this interactive talk Arne van Oosterom will discuss the importance of humanising our organisations, having a purpose, network organisations and the growing need for skilled innovation facilitators.

    Filmed at the Service Experience Camp 15
    Berlin - 13.11.2015

    Arne van Oosterom
    Founder, Design Thinkers Group

    Filmed and Edited by:
    Vladimir Georgiev
    Merja Hannikainen
    Joseph Murphy

Marc Lipskier

Du désir à l'audace d'entreprendre : Comment faire?
WikiStage Centrale Paris 1
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    "Tous les entrepreneurs à leur manière veulent changer le monde. Certains veulent changer le monde entier, d'autres veulent changer juste une toute petite chose dans le monde."

    "Entreprendre, c'est faire un pas en avant, et puis un deuxième pas en avant. Entreprendre, pour tous les secteurs, dans tous les domaines, c'est ça. C'est avancer. Faire un pas, puis un deuxième, jusqu'au moment où vous atteignez votre but."

    "L'art des premiers pas, c'est ce qui permet à un tout jeune poussin de grandir petit à petit et d'aller vers sa destination. Et comme c'est quelque chose qui est profondément humain, ça consiste à aller vers ce qu'on a de mieux en soi."


Rachel Shechtman

Rachel Shechtman - Reinventing Retail: Experience-Driven Commerce
Future of Storytelling 2015
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    2015 Future of StoryTelling Summit Speaker: Rachel Shechtman
    Founder, STORY
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    STORY is a different kind of store: its founder, Rachel Shechtman, reinvents the space every three to eight weeks, in the same way that each issue of a magazine packages a new theme with new content. She’s also taken lessons from digital retail—community engagement and constant reinvention—and discovered how to apply them to a physical space. STORY gives consumers an experience, showing them that a store can tell a story; it can even become one, and then change into a different one a few weeks later. It’s part of Shechtman’s quest to turn retail into a media channel as rich as any other, evolving a brand into an event and giving consumers a reason to spend their fractured attention on an adventure much richer than a simple shopping trip.

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