Regina Von Flemming

Shaky Grounds, Nothing Is Fixed | Regina Von Flemming | TEDxBerlinSalon
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    Regina von Flemming on "Shaky grounds, nothing is fixed" at TEDxBerlinSalon "Leading in a complex World" (

    Regina von Flemming has lived and worked in Russia for 20 years. From 1996 to 1999 she was CEO of the telecommunication company Krone Russia in Moscow. She then worked as Vice President of Delta Capital, a Private Equity fund focused on media, TV, telecoms and retail in Moscow from 1999 to 2003. In 2003 she founded her Berlin and Moscow based consulting company Flemming & Partner, dealing with crisis management, start-ups, interim management and restructuring of Russian entities. She sold the company in 2009. For the last ten years Regina was the CEO of Axel Springer Russia and the Publisher of Forbes and Newsweek Russia.

    Regina is a founding member of the German Business Club (today German Russian Chamber of Commerce) and has been acting as a Board Member of the German Russian Chamber of Commerce (AHK) since 2014. Since 2015, she also acts as a member of PJSC “MTS” Board of Directors.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi Speech
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    The Speech of Mahatma Gandhi recorded in Kingsley Hall, London in 1931. He was a great Leader who was the pioneer of Satyagraha and Ahinsa. 

Amel Karboul

How leaders thrive in a complex world
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    Amel Karboul on "How leaders thrive in a complex world" at TEDxBerlinSalon "Leading in a complex World" (

    Dr. Amel Karboul is Founder of Change, Leadership & Partners, Secretary-General of MEF (Maghreb Economic Forum) and former Minister in the Tunisian Government. She is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, author of the book Coffin Corner (Midas Verlag), keynote speaker and politician.

    Amel’s areas of expertise include aligning and developing leadership and critical thinking, managing large-scale change and transformation, implementing innovative strategies as well as enabling communities of practice and global networks.

    She was until recently Tunisian minister of tourism. Her mission was to revamp Tourism. She was cabinet minister of the Tunisian interim government with the mission of ending the transition phase, organizing transparent elections and ensuring good economic and social governance and policy. Her innovative use of social media to promote the country and youth empowerment in the digital world has earned her international awards.


Leadership - WikiStage
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    It seems that the world needs great leaders today more than ever! As we are facing a lot of issues such as climate change, terrorism and poverty among other important problems, we need strong leaders in every area of our daily lives. We need great teachers, great CEOs, great doctors, great Presidents. Who do you consider a leader?






Hermann Arnold

How My Leadership Skills Improved By Stepping Down | Hermann Arnold | TEDxBerlinSalon
TedxBerlinSalon 2015
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    Hermann Arnold on "Why my leadership skills improved by stepping down" at TEDxBerlinSalon "Leading in a complex World" (

    Hermann Arnold has been founding CEO of Haufe-umantis and has grown the company from its beginning as a university basement start-up to become a company with a thousand customers, millions of users and a team of 100 employees. In 2013 he recommended his successor Marc Stoffel as CEO to be elected by all employees, because he didn’t see himself as being the best to lead the company in the next phase. Afterwards he worked in the team of Marc, reporting to him. And during this time, he discovered a new way of leadership careers, better preparing to lead in a complex world.

    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi First Television Interview (30 April 1931)
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    This is Mahatma Gandhi's first television interview. On 30 April 1931 Gandhi gave this interview to Fox Movietone News and also met the peasants of Bardoli. This precious clipping is from the archives of Fox News Movietone.


Manuel Radvanyi

Why do we see so few great leaders?
WikiStage ESCP Europe 5
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    "What is great leadership?"

    "Good leaders share some common characteristics. For example, they are charismatic, they have a vision, they are strong. [...] But being a great leader is hard because that is not all to it. For me a great leader is somebody who has those characteristics and also represents something more, a common cause, a common purpose."

    "The purpose, is the reason why we do what we do. We can see the power of purpose-driven leadership each day in the millions of students and of full-time workers who engage themselves besides their work in activities in NGOs. They don't do that for the money. They don't do that for any kind of material benefit. They do that because they believe in the purpose, they believe in the benefit of what they do. They are passionate about that. This passion makes them do those amazing things, besides all the other things they have to do. They invest their most precious resources, their time and their energy into that."

    "I would like to see more companies and politicians use this kind of leadership."

    "Crowdsourcing meaning thinking together about which purposes the country could serve. [...] It's up to us to see what we want to do with the expression crowd-sourced purpose. Because in the end, becoming a great leader is very hard if you don't have a common purpose or a common ground to share with the people you lead."


Stephane Loiret

How to shift economies of transactions to relationships?
WikiStage ESCP Europe 5
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    "Do you have any idea how sexy can be the life of a CFO in a big company?"

    "Small is big now."

    "You don't need a leadership of followers. You need a leadership of leaders that lead others."

    "Connect before correct. And share. Don't let the ideas kept inside yourself. Once you share then you get the power"