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Frédérique PAIN, ESSEC - Cergy, France. 2014

Frédérique Pain est Design Research and Innovation Director à Strate School of Design. "Et oui, donc c'est très compliqué de faire simple, et finalement c'est tout un art de la complexité ...

Petronela ZAINUDDIN, ESCP Europe - Paris, France. 2013

Are you a curious person? Do you like to discover new things? Then, ask yourself the right questions, and you will maybe become a creative person. If you are curious enough, if you allow yourself some time to discover new things, ...

Martin KUPP, ESCP Europe - Paris, France. 2014

Martin Kupp informs us about a simple, yet efficient, formula capable of fostering the creativity of a group of different individuals. "People have to be ready to share emotions and feelings about their work."

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Martin KUPP, ESCP Europe - Paris, France. 2014

Joseph Beuys said: Every human being is an artist. Find out what he meant when he said these magic words. Children are more creative than adults. However, it seems we all have it within us. We just don't know it or we didn't find ...

Paul-Hubert DES MESNARDS, Centrale Paris - Paris, France. 2014

"Oui, la créativité, et bien c'est voyage et retour, ouverture et fermeture, divergence et convergence. C'est un aller-retour permanent entre l'imaginaire et le réel." "Quand j'étais en sixième, ...