Presentation skills

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Daniel HENNEQUIN, Lille1 - Lille, France. 2014

«Pourquoi créer un MOOC de découverte scientifique? Pour faire tomber les frontières. Pour que la connaissance et la culture traversent les frontières!» «La théorie du connectiv...

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Rémi BACHELET, Lille1 - Lille, France. 2014

Rémi Bachelet nous présente comment le MOOC pourra changer notre système d'éducation et le rendre plus interactif. «Suivre un MOOC c'est suivre un cours en vidéo. Ce sont des petites capsul...

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Michael RICKWOOD, AntiCafé - Paris, France. 2013

Michael Rickwood shows few simple steps so as to make a short speech powerful. There’s time and effort needed to make a long speech short and a short speech great. To illustrate this, Michael Rickwood takes us through differ...

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Phil WAKNELL, ESCP Europe - Paris, France. 2013

Phil Waknell shows how good speakers could engage their audience by triggering their curiosity. The first task of every speaker is to get the attention of the audience so as to make sure they’re listening. That way they will...

Phil WAKNELL, ESCP Europe - Paris, France. 2013

To make the audience curious is only the first step, Phil Waknell takes you further and teach how to make them inspired by your speech. What do you do when you already got the attention of your audience? People may forget what the...