#The Big Questions

The Big Questions

How do the World around us and the world inside us work? How to solve the big iss...

#Entrepreneurship Talks

There is no "one size, fits all" theory for becoming a successful entrepreneur, these talks offer few 

#Education for the 21st century

The learning in the 21st century has changed. The new paradigm is generally used to refer to certain core learning activitie...

#Life hacks

Everything about the human condition in the modern society.


#Energy and Environment

Global warming is the term used to describe a gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth's ...

#Think different

You do not need to be next Marie Curie, Bill Gates or Helen Fisher in order to think differently. Researche...

#Sharing economy

Sharing economy refers to peer-to-peer access and sharing of goods and services th...

#Identity and Culture

Featured Video: What is Multilangualism and Multiculturalism?

#Finance and the Society

Finance is very important - it is a system that should ideally transfer money from those who want to save and invest to thos...

#The Law and Justice

WikiTalks about different notions of the legal systems and their relation to the concept of justice.

Featured video:...

#Curiosity and creativity

Being curious is the foundation for the creativity, learning, innovation, new ideas, and progress. Curiosity should be devel...

#Design and Art

Featured Video: Comment faire simple, juste et beau dans le design?