What is the Knowledge Economy?


Idriss Aberkane

Academic & Entrepreneur
WikiStage ESCP Europe 3

WikiStage ESCP Europe 3

Paris, France. 2014

The third edition of WikiStage ESCP Europe was recorded as a Studio session in April 2014.

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Idriss Aberkane tells us how to share our own resources without losing any of them because knowledge is infinite.

Utopia presents endless possibilities for all humans, and as such, all people have purchasing power. Nonetheless, this is not yet possible due to the limited nature of resources. However, there is one resource which is infinite and that is Knowledge. It can be repaid with its own capital- tension multiplied by time in the completely new economic paradigm. Everybody, from their birth has purchasing power in a knowledge economy. And this is the most beautiful consequence of this new paradigm.

"Everybody has purchasing power at birth in a knowledge economy."