Why should young people engage in economic policy?


Victoria COLLINS

Analyste, KARISTEM
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Victoria Collins explains how each and everyone of us can use economic policy, directly or indirectly, to change our future.

Economic policy is very powerful and it’s all around us. It touches everything. The economic actions and decisions of governments, change our education, our welfare, our health and even our happiness. Victoria Collins believes that this economic policy may be a powerful tool in the hands of young people to shape a better future.Unfortunately, the term has recently been associated with a negative image given the economic breakdown that has touched everyone of us. This crisis, however, should be seen not only as a failure but also as an opportunity that has pushed economists and decision makers to come with different solutions that improve the economy as a whole. With that in mind, the role of young people in this change is essential. Involve yourself in debates, get your own viewpoint and cast your vote to support the policy you believe in, participate in your local politics - those are the first steps which could bring us closer to changes.

“You get a young person involved in economic policy today, you’ll have a citizen who can change the world for life”
“If you want to make a change, you got to start with your ideas”

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