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Getting Started in Event Photography

Mon,Oct 12,2020 by Viktorija Marković

Are you thinking about becoming an event photographer?  Sometimes it can be a little hard to break into event photography, but it is possible!  You are probably going to have to volunteer for some time to get started.

Before you present yourself as a professional expert in event photography, you’ll want to gain some experience. One of the best ways to gain experience is by volunteering at local events. Try offering your photography services to a local charitable organization that may not have the budget to hire professional photographers. Another alternative is to contact an established event photographer and offer to assist at an event. You can also bring a camera along to events you personally attend.

Perhaps you know someone who is or knows a photographer or maybe you know an event planner. But if that is not the case, the advice is to just let people know you are a photographer so that they will think of you when they need one. Do not ignore social media either.

The next important thing is buying photography gear. Use the money you save to start building your lens collection. Remember lenses make images more so than cameras. Additionally, unlike cameras, lenses hardly depreciate in value.

And finally,  put together an online portfolio (online is the key word here) that has at least three things: a portfolio of images, a page with your smiling face and a biography or summary of your experience, and several ways to contact you.

The perfect opportunity to volunteer as a photographer is at WikiStage events! WikiStage is constantly looking for new photographers for many different events and locations around the world. Not only you will get experience in the field of photography, but you will also have the chance to hear the most interesting speeches and have fun! At our events you can meet some great people and make meaningful contacts.



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