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How can you enable your team to be creative?

Wed,Jul 26,2017 by WikiStage Team

Creativity is something we all strive for. It is an element for success in business as well as in other areas of life.

Artists are perhaps individuals that feel creative pressure the most since they work tirelessly to craft something beautiful. Since ancient times, they have tried to boost their creativity in various ways, some more respectful than others.

But when we move past the individual 'single genius' creativity and more towards the creativity of a team, it becomes complicated.

In his talk, Martin Kupp discusses how the collective creativity is a concept exceeding the simple sum of individual creativities.

In his own words: 'Complexity is really important, you have to raise complexity, so that is almost overwhelming. Only then people are forced to work together and to really build upon each other, instead of coming up with individual ideas'.

Kupp breaks down a simple, yet efficient, formula capable of fostering the creativity of a group consisting of different types of individuals.

After watching this video you won’t have any excuse not to make your team a creative machine!


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