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How to Choose a Topic for Your WikiStage Blog

Mon,Oct 12,2020 by Viktorija Marković

We want to make a blog page an important part of WikiStage and help people find out more about what we do. If writing is your cup of tea, we will be more than happy to welcome you as a blog editor!

Tell us everything about your experience with WikiStage, what WikiStage means for you, or any other topic you would like to share.

For WikiStage organizers – you can write about your motivation to become a WikiStage organizer, what was your role in the team, and what did you learn from this experience. Many of our organizers are sharing their experience and give meaningful advice on how to organize a WikiStage event for our future organizers. This way they are contributing to our Community which is all about sharing knowledge.

What is the best way to lead and manage the team? How to find sponsors?  How to grow your social media accounts?  How to find speakers?  How to design the stage? How to attract attendees? – These are just some of the questions that our new organizers are asking about when starting to prepare for the event.  You can read blogs that are addressing some of these questions here.

For WikiStage attendees – tell us what did you learn? What is your favorite WikiTalk and speaker? Did you meet like-minded people and made new friendships?
There are many people for which attending a WikiStage event was a life-changing experience. We would like to hear more of these stories because this is our biggest motivation to keep doing what we are doing and to know that we are on the right way.

For WikiStage speakers – what are your tips for a great WikiTalk? What is your expertise and what is the topic you were talking about? How do you prepare for the speech in front of the numerous audience and how do you inspire others?

There are more interesting roles in WikiStage: International Ambassador, Mentor, Designer, Blog Editor, Photographer/Video Editor, Sponsor.  If you took a part in any of these roles we invite you to tell us more about your motivation and achievements.

Also,  you can write about what you learned on our online video platform, what WikiStage means for you, or any other topic you would like to share.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to write about your experience with WikiStage! You can apply here.



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