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Organizing a WikiStage - a unique opportunity and an unforgettable experience

Mon,Jul 08,2019 by Mouhydine Chfagha

Organizing a WikiStage event is a unique opportunity and an unforgettable experience each time.

For each edition, there are new challenges. The theme must be fresh, new organizers join us and a new adventure can begin. Everyone brings their own touch. I make sure that the best team members are selected, that the event has a rich program and that each edition is better than the previous one. I also take care of the diversity of speakers and topics. The goal is to provide an informative and entertaining event that attracts as many people as possible.

However, it is obvious that we encounter several obstacles each time. But what would be the organization of the great conference without it, no? The biggest problem is to find sponsors. Finding sponsors who believe in our project and are ready to support us has always been our biggest concern.

The difficulties to find sponsors are numerous. Companies receive a lot of requests. So in order to be recognized, the event must be interesting for the company and guarantee them good visibility in front of an appropriate target audience.

Finding potential sponsors takes a lot of time and energy. This may be related to the local culture of our society in Mauritania, which are just beginning to understand the value of sponsoring these type of events, which does not make it easy for us. But the good news is that things are starting to change and companies are opening more and more to this type of event, especially if the goal is spreading knowledge.


Mouhydine Chfanga - organizer of WikiStage ESP Nouakchott and International Ambassador WikiStage


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