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What You Get From Being A WikiStage Organizer?

Fri,Jan 10,2020 by Lydia Abbassi

WikiStage events are a great opportunity for university students to develop their skills, build a stronger personality and reinforce their background. Besides getting involved in a unique humanitarian experience, while offering a chance to hundreds of young participants to expand their knowledge and to get a dose of motivation, being an organizing member comes with multiple advantages. 

1. Meeting great people 

No matter what career you’re aiming for, it’s important for you to develop a good network. During your journey to organizing a WikiStage event, you will be brought to look for speakers, sponsors, partners, and co-organizers. Amongst these, you might meet entrepreneurs, artists, professors, leaders, as well as other students or graduates. Not only will this let you get in contact with interesting people who may become your friends for life, but it can also introduce you to exceptional opportunities for working, training or traveling abroad. For many WikiStage organizers, the event was the start of a life path full of adventures. 

2. Learning how to organize an event 

Organizing a WikiStage event, no matter the size isn’t an easy task. You will need to set your targets and write down every innovative idea, gather a team, find attractive speakers, look for sponsors, manage a budget, plan carefully for the whole event and do everything you can to avoid any potential problems before, during and after the big day. This experience will enable you to learn how to manage an event. If you do it right, this proves you are ready to lead a promising adult life. 

3. Working in teams 

As you build your way through your WikiStage journey, you will need to hire additional organizers to help you set up a great event. Generally, WikiStage organizing teams include community managers, graphic designers, content writers, photographers, filmmakers, video editors, as well as members with strong communicational skills in order to establish a contact between your team and the speakers, partners, sponsors and the audience. Without decent teamwork abilities, you simply cannot get all those parts to work together in order to bring the best of their potential into one output: a successful event. Being part of the WikiStage community will teach you how to manage a team and how to deal with the internal conflicts you may encounter during every phase of the organization. 

4. Enhancing your skills and earning experience 

WikiStage events are the best opportunity for students and young graduates to sharpen their skills in different areas, as being an organizer of these events won’t require professional experience. If you think you are good at public speaking, digital marketing, writing, graphic design, animation or at communicating, and want to volunteer in a universal event so you can take your abilities to a higher level, enhance your public image, reinforce your resume and boost your self-confidence, WikiStage is the best place to start. Former event organizers are actually perceived as mature, responsible individuals who can perform greatly at leading a project, and have, therefore, better chances of being hired when applying for a job. 

5. Dealing with various problems 

The virtual image of the ideal event, going exactly as planned, and that of what truly happens, are really two different images. You will meet a great number of obstacles on your way to organizing a WikiStage event, mainly internal problems within your own team, financial, administrative problems and other technical issues. You will see that organizing such an event will surely improve your problem- solving skills. 

6. Learning to communicate effectively 

Whether you are the manager of your team or a simple member, you will have to communicate effectively if you want the event to be fruitful. You may need to do oral presentations, meet new people, negotiate with potential partners and organize regular meetings with other members where you will have to expose openly your ideas and suggestions. If you are afraid of public speaking or lack self-confidence, this could be a great opportunity to get rid of your doubts and fears.