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WikiStage ANAJ-IHEDN : In France, we don't have oil - but young people with ideas !

Wed,Jul 26,2017 by Ann Lhx

 « In France rather than having petrol, we have the young with brilliant ideas »

That was the theme of the first edition of the WikiStage ANAJ-IHEDN, held on the 4th of February in the magnificent premises of the Ecole Militaire, located right in the heart of Paris.

L’ANAJ-IHEDN or the National Association of Young Auditors from the High Studies of National Defence Institute is the first French association of young professionals focusing on defence and security issues.

Hosting 600 attendees, the room was crowded when François Mattens, the director of l’ANAJ-IHEDN gave the opening speech, including the How and Why of this event.

 Strengthened by the numerous comities and their representatives, François Mattens and his team came up with the idea to give an on-stage voice to each of them, therefore making an evening of 16 WikiTalks, all given by committed members of their organization.

Thanks to this WikiStage, and to the organisation team, led by Pierre Marey-Semper, in charge of the Committee for South America, the audience had the chance to participate in a remarkable WikiStage. The main rule told to the speaker was: “Please yourself! If you enjoy it, the audience will follow you!” And that worked!

Built around strong, hard and serious topics, the WikiTalks have been created and given with humour and intelligence. They were amusing while debating on sensitive subjects. We finally got a chance to laugh at the best fails of ISIS, to meet Raoul and his troll face, to listen to the sad story of our red coins and to see a General getting back to his 20’s suit.

After 2 hours of great WikiTalks, it was the time to leave the spectacular premises, and to look forward the next edition.

In the meantime, we will be able to enjoy over and over their performances as their WikiTalks will soon be on our platform, making sure to keep their messages in our minds.