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Die französische Botschaft organisierte zusammen mit Wikistage eine Konferenz zum Thema "Die Stadt von morgen".
WikiStage Algiers dans sa première édition touchera une période phare dans la vie de tous: la jeunesse!
WikiStage Stanford was the first WikiStage studio event in North America, and the starting point of regular production at this prestigious University.

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WikiStage TIPAZA

Tipaza, Algeria Algeria


This is and event where young influencers and social actors who inspire change in our community will discuss the overarching theme: "Youth Activism".

WikiStage ESSAT

Tlemcen Algeria


Success has no secret recipe, one man's magic is another man's engineering. Think, create, and improve: Engineer your life!
wikistage bechar is going to be such huge motivation for most peopl and especially teenagers in my town
WikiStage Saïda is the first talk event in Saïda city, where speaker from different fields come to share their experience and knowledge with participants.
Tuesday, September 22nd in Vital Roux auditorium, ESCP’ression and Wikistage will unite to present you an unprecedented event on power of words

WikiStage Karachi

Pakistan Pakistan


Aim of the event is to celebrate women, promote inclusion and gender diversity.
WikiStage Tissemsilt is a platform where graduated people will get the chance to understand what steps they need to take to improve their professional life.
This WikiStage event will tackle the principles of starting a freelance career in both the online and the offline world.
WikiStage ESSAIA is organizing this event in order to exchange thoughts, develop ideas, and motivate youth to build an effective society.
This will be a full-day event at the University of Jijel, with incredible speakers who will share their inspiring stories.
WikiStage INESSM will bring students and professionals to talk about their ambitions other than medicine like volunteering, languages, entrepreneurship, etc.