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Our ultimate aim for the 5th edition is to encourage the young generation to do more and to build an ambitious community.
Under the name of WikiStage Chlef, an inspiring organizing team of youth gathered to provide a space for the most influential speakers in society.
The main purpose is not to encourage perfectionism, but to improve everyone in becoming the person they want to become while loving the person they already are.
Experienced public speakers will change the way that youth see life, and make decisions, and learn them not only how to make the change but to be the change.
WikiStage University of Skikda will be a full-day event in 2020 at the University of Skikda, with amazing speakers who will share their inspiring stories.
This will be a unique experience for the participants, based on learning how to survive the past, move forward, and learn from previous experiences.
Future Designer Club is organizing the 1st edition of WikiStage in Boumerdes. This is a team of young and motivated people ready to share ideas!
The event will be organized by students of the École Normale Supérieure de Bou-Saada, aiming to change the fault ideas that all of us have about teaching.
Wikistage Guelma is an event brought to Guelma for people interested in entrepreneurship, volunteering and career management for the beginning of their first steps towards success.
Organized by ActiVet Scientific Club, WikiStage ISVK is the first WikiStage event in an Algerian Veterinary School, the Institute of Veterinary Sciences of Khroub, Constantine.
This WikiStage event will bring together successful entrepreneurs and artists to talk about the impact of the mindset of success and motivation.
WikiStage El Eulma, took a place in El Eulma city under the theme ''I Want to be the Change'', there were 6 speakers who talked about it in 3 languages.