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Our objective is to go beyond all clichés, to understand and accept individual and collective differences in order to find a way to live in unity and harmony.
The reason behind which we have chosen such a theme is mainly to answer the question in our mind when facing the crossroad of life after graduation.
"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come" - what are today's ideas? what are the powerful developments for the future? Come debate with us!
Wikistage believe that success is an art, and that's why we brought young people who share the same vision, mainly about entrepreneurship.
This event was organized under the theme "Lead your Life" by WikiStage team from Gharadia city.
"Act to Impact" Opera d'Alger Algiers, Algeria
"Personal Development" Agadir, Morocco
This is the first WikiStage event organised in Cairo, under the theme "Miracles".
Die Französische Botschaft gemeinsam mit Wikistage eine Konferenz zum Thema „Die Stadt von Morgen“.
Die französische Botschaft organisierte zusammen mit Wikistage eine Konferenz zum Thema "Die Stadt von morgen".
Die Welt des Pariser Klimaabkommens. Le Monde après l'Accord de Paris sur le Climat.