The rarest commodity is leadership without ego
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    A talk by Bob Davids at TEDx ESCP: The rarest commodity is leadership without ego


Why do we see so few great leaders?
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    "What is great leadership?"

    "Good leaders share some common characteristics. For example, they are charismatic, they have a vision, they are strong. [...] But being a great leader is hard because that is not all to it. For me a great leader is somebody who has those characteristics and also represents something more, a common cause, a common purpose."

    "The purpose, is the reason why we do what we do. We can see the power of purpose-driven leadership each day in the millions of students and of full-time workers who engage themselves besides their work in activities in NGOs. They don't do that for the money. They don't do that for any kind of material benefit. They do that because they believe in the purpose, they believe in the benefit of what they do. They are passionate about that. This passion makes them do those amazing things, besides all the other things they have to do. They invest their most precious resources, their time and their energy into that."

    "I would like to see more companies and politicians use this kind of leadership."

    "Crowdsourcing meaning thinking together about which purposes the country could serve. [...] It's up to us to see what we want to do with the expression crowd-sourced purpose. Because in the end, becoming a great leader is very hard if you don't have a common purpose or a common ground to share with the people you lead."



How to shift economies of transactions to relationships?
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    "Do you have any idea how sexy can be the life of a CFO in a big company?"

    "Small is big now."

    "You don't need a leadership of followers. You need a leadership of leaders that lead others."

    "Connect before correct. And share. Don't let the ideas kept inside yourself. Once you share then you get the power"



Good Leaders Need to Take Care of Themselves
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    "What is important for women is not just to aim for the top jobs, but also to change the nature of work. To change the workplace. Because it hasn't really worked in the way it was designed and we see so many super-successful leaders with heart-attacks and high blood pressure in their forties and fifties - and there is no reason for that!"


Lead by Example, Accountability & Excellence
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    "I think that the great thing about the Olympics is that, even though you are part of your own hockey team or your sport, but your also part of the greater Canadian team. And the Men's and Women's team have served to help and inspire one another through all the Olympics that I've been a part of..."


Crafting Your Own Style of Leadership
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    "Playing hockey with men is easier, actually, in some ways."

    "They are very task oriented."

    "For me it was all about proving myself!"


Visioning as a Leader
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    "As a leader, visioning is a really difficult process. Because what you're doing is actually prophetically imagining a future that doesn't exist. And you can make that future as amazing or as constrained as what you think your own limitation is."