Apply here to get a license to organise a WikiStage event in your city.
The WikiStage community are idealists who take action in many countries in the world. To help progress in our societies, we believe in giving a stage to great “ideas for change”. If you have a message that you believe will inspire others and transform things for the better, then we want to get to know you! Register as a speaker on our platform and get invited by WikiStage event organisers to speak at their next conference. Create your speaker profile, upload a picture, fill in your short biography, write a blog article for the WikiStage Blog and if you have already been filmed as a speaker before - add a YouTube Video to your WikiStage Speaker profile to help us better understand what you are about. WikiStage has partnered with Wikimedia to bring the best talks not only to our WikiStage audience but, with your consent, to provide the videos to be used inside Wikipedia as well. Join our collaborative platform and share your piece of knowledge in a WikiTalk with the world!
 If you understand the importance of educational events and you want to support young people who are organizing  WikiStage events we invite you to apply to become a sponsor.
International WikiStage Ambassadors should be passionate about the mission of WikiStage to celebrate curiosity and have an international network of connections.To qualify, we ask future ambassadors to recommend us at least 2 new WikiStage organisers from 2 different countries who will apply for a WikiStage license.
If you would like to write blogs about your experience as an organizer, speaker or attendee of WikiStage events, about your motivation to become a WikiStage organizer, what you learned on our video platform, what WikiStage means for you and many other topics - apply here.
WikiStage is looking for volunteers to become WikiStage Designers. Designers will be mentioned on the "WikiStage Designer" section on the WikiStage Team page for a year and we will share his/her work on our main page which has more then 35K followers!
If you already organized a WikiStage event and you want to share your valuable knowledge and experience with the new organisers, apply to become a mentor.
There is a WikiStage event in preparation in your city and you want to become a part of the organizing team? Apply here.