Alexandre Pachulski

How to make your dreams come true?
  • Description

    We all had dreams on our professional life as children: Actor, Astronaut, Model, Rock star... But unexpected comes a lot in a life and we change direction. Except if we seize the opportunity.

    It is the core characteristic of human beings to have wishful ideas about the future and to strive throughout their lives towards something bigger and better. It is in theory called self-actualization, but in the everyday language we call these plans "dreams". And everyone wants to make their dreams come true, don't they? Alexandre Pachulski tells us how to turn dreams into reality.

    "The question is not how to make your dreams come true, it's how to let your dreams come true."

    "I wanted to be a rock star because my dream was about sharing."

    "I started to share and share and share [...] and then I realized that my dreams came true. I have discovered artificial intelligence."

    "That was pretty different from music and from cinema, but actually, that was quite fascinating, because it was about understanding human being."