What's Next?
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    The fifth edition of our event at the ESCP - the first business school in Europe - happened in 2015 with the theme "What's next?". 

Alexei Chemenda

What is the future of entrepreneurship?
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    "My goal is to provide you as much value as I can, helping you achieve success in entrepreneurship if it is that what you want to achieve"

    3 things you shouldn't do when building your own company:

    1. "I want to be my own boss"
    "You shouldn't lunch a company because you want to be your own boss. Being your own boss does not exist, when you are a CEO, you have employees you need to help, you have investors you need to report to, you have emergencies you need to deal with..."

    "To me a CEO means having complete control over your schedule, over your tasks and that never happens in a company"

    2. "I have a great idea"
    "Having an idea is worthless, what matters is the execution, is how you are going to attract the right investors, how you are going to attract the right employees, how you are going to build a product that is simple enough to use, how you are going to target the right users for your products. That's what matters"

    3. "I can't tell you my idea"
    "Talk and share your idea, I am going to give your feedback. That is how you are going to find employees, co-founders, maybe investors. So please talk about your idea as much as possible"

    3 simple things you should do when building a company:

    1. "Passion or die"
    "First of all you want to have incredible passion for your product, you want to live your product, only think about your product"

    "One of the biggest failures today is that if you are driven by anything than passion you won't succeed. Money, fame, that doesn't work, that comes and goes. Passion stays forever"

    2. "Don't start a company, start a project"
    "There is a big difference between launching a company and launching a product. I think today a lot of people want to launch a company. You want to launch a product, you want to start small, with a fun project and then share it with a few friends, etc"

    3. "Solve your own problem"
    "Forget about 15th year old children's problem, you don't know what their lives are, what their problems are, you don't know how they deal with their problems. You know how to deal with your problems. So, if you build a product that fixes one of your problems the odds are that there are some people in this world that have the same problem as you do. So, focus on solving your own problem"

    "Toolification of the world"
    "The current shift I'm seeing with entrepreneurs is that engineers that build successful products 5-10 years ago they started building tools for other people to build great products. So you have access now to tools that don't require technical skills"

    "In entrepreneurship what is next is you, you non engineers, not entrepreneurs yet, that are next in line to build the amazing companies"



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