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    This was the very first WikiStage conference and was organized by the founder of WikiStage, Johannes Bittel, under the theme Celebrate Curiosity.

Christian de Boisredon

Et si on parlait des solutions?
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    "We tend to be a little depressed [...] because finally we hear a lot of problems. We talk about waste, school failure, of everything that is thrown, technologies that make us afraid, inventions that may not serve much, systems that do not work, companies that critical. In fact mainly talking about the problems.

    So, is it inevitable? Sometimes it seems so because the media tend to speak as always to what is going wrong.

    And I think it is not inevitable eventually. I give you an example, the media often say '. The trains that arrive on time interest no one' ''

    We convinced Liberation to a number only on solutions and this has been the best selling of the year. "

    "I want to tell you about these people in the slums who do not have the means to buy musical instruments and who said: '' It does not matter, we will manufacture them ourselves same with garbage. '' "

    "I can also tell you about this child who was no dictation. [...] Fortunately his teacher has said, '' But I can not leave it like that, poor. So instead of making him do dictations I will make him a dissertation with a rule: I will read the essay to the class when there are no more spelling mistakes, it can help with a dictionary and grammar book. '' the day came when actually the dissertation had no fault, the teacher reads to the class and it was great. And the professor told his students: '' You see, we had a dunce in the class and now was a genius. ' "

    "Solutions exist, share them! "

    "Let's talk solutions and I think the world will go much better. "



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