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    Founder of Fabulously Successful and of The Women of Success Group

Social Business and Social Entrepreneurship
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    MakeSense makes it possible for anyone in the world to get involved at any level to solve social and environmental issues.

Dawn Z Bournand

What is the definition of success?
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    "Is success driving a fancy car, going to the finest restaurants, wearing designer clothes and carrying an it-bag or is it accumulating ten of thousands of Facebook likes and having five hundreds thousands Twitter followers and endless YouTube views or is it having the world knowing your name?"

    "I believe that we as a human race has bought into this idea that success is almost a bad word these days and we've bought into a definition that someone else has created for us and we don't really take the time to think what success really means to us individually."

    "It's my belief that by creating your own definition of what success truly is we can then begin to realize that we each have the opportunity to be successful."

    "What is successful to you? Find what that is because once you do you will believe that you can really accomplish everything. You will find that you have self worth and self value, it will build your confidence."


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