Diane Taieb

Does school really bring out the best of the next generations?
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    "There are multiple forms of intelligence. Our educational system only focuses on 2 forms of intelligence: linguistic and mathematical. Doing this, we are being deprived of great talents for our society. So why do we do that?"

    "But aren't we missing a lot with these standards? These good students who fit in the mould, who enter these standards, are we really bringing out the best of them? Are we really giving them the opportunity to go out of the standards and to understand who they really are inside and what they want to do with their life? And for the students who don't fit in the mould, just because it's not their form of intelligence, are we not being deprived of many talents that could have brought a lot for our society?"

    "What if school had the objective to just see what we want to do in this world with our own hands? What if school had the objective to help us and help everyone of us to know who we really are, what we want to do with our life, what we are good at, and what we want to fulfill in our life?"

    "So we can't try to learn if we can't consider the body. And this is very important for the education of tomorrow."