Diego Buñuel

SmartCast: Diego Buñuel
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    Rencontre avec Diego Buñuel, directeur des documentaires de Canal+.

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    Canal E-Sport Club
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    Interview réalisée le mercredi 24 août

Diego Buñuel

Why do stories matter?
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    Diego Buñuel, journalist, tells about us the value of a good story in the life of us all.

    Since the dawn of time, people have been telling each other stories – to pass the time, to pass on knowledge, to revive memories and create new ones. Diego Buñuel reflects on the place of stories in human life.

    ''Storytelling in my opinion is really the first form of entertainment.''

    ''We need to get out of our virtual world.''

    ''It doesn't matter whether we have TV, 3D and all that, when we're entertained at some friends, someone who has a good story to tell, everyone leans in and listens.''

    "Today, we are more about statistics, about micro stuff, and we have forgotten to talk about what the people are and what they are about.''

    ''That's what the strength of the story is, it's to put people in a situation they can imagine themselves in, and then show them how tragic and how serious the conditions are.''


Diego Buñuel

Dont tell my Mother: That I'm in Pakistan - Female Swimming Team
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    Dont tell my Mother That I'm in Pakistan Female Swimming Team interviewed by Diego Bunuel coach is from Trinidad & Tobago