Peak Performance
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    want to organise this event because we do believe that this event can make the difference to inspire all students of our country Algeria. To be creative, to build something huge, to get more ambition, & to be a successful person.

Elkhomeyni AOUACHRIA

Meeting of the founder of WikiStage Johannes Bittel and organizers in Annaba
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    Throughout the whole world, innovators and inspired people aim to share their stories, encourage others and make a difference. WikiStage is an open and global community which helps them to share Ideas for Change.

    Here in Algeria, WikiStage is considered the most popular and magnificent event, the one that draws attention and interest of individuals and students from all Universities, mainly scientific ones. Its first edition came here in 2014 followed by around 100 other ones! That speaks loud how much people of Algeria truly love WikiStage and what benefits and amusement it's bringing to them. 

    "Share what matters" - this great idea came out of a great man named Johannes Bittel, the founder who made the world a better place aiming only for goodness and prosperity to happen between people. Recently, Algeria - specifically Annaba ZENITH Club of ESTI-Annaba (Superior School of Industrial Technologies of Annaba) was honored to host such an amazing person and of course his collaborator Natasha.

    Attendees of the meeting were members of WikiStage teams who are also members of student clubs such as Zenith Club, Enigma Club, and Titanium Club.  As well, some previous WikiStage events organizers came too from other cities such as Geulma, Skikda, Jijel… crossing miles just to meet Johannes. the founder of this educational and non-profitable association. 

    Johannes took us into another world recounting the story of his inspiring journey and how starting from scratch was never easy, yet not impossible. Eventually, he made it through. He created a platform that gathers different subjects, different perspectives ideas, visions, and motivates people to make their dreams come true. 

    Beside listening to his debut story and his ambition to create that kind of special platform, we managed to set a small workshop under his guidance, in which, as groups of 5 members we discussed the methods, problems, solutions, and desires WikiStage organizers face, we gave one another tips on how to overcome presented issues. We have learned so many things in a short notice and came out with favorable results. Teamwork spirit dominated the room, all attention was on Johannes - the aurora around this man is indescribable, he’s so humble and cheerful, a true leader.

    That was an unforgettable and exceptional day for all of us who met Johannes Bittel, the founder of WikiStage for the first time on our lands. This was his first time being in touch with Algerian people and organizers who respect him and admire his work. We all hope that gathering will happen again in the near future.